• 20-In-1 Games Table - Including All Accessories

    20-In-1 Games Table - Including All Accessories buy now

    If your children children quickly get bored of games then how about this twenty games in one game set which includes favourites like tab;e football where you pull and push the rods moving the mini footballers around or how about table tennis or ping pong as it's sometimes called and many more.

    All the table tennis pads, footballs, chess pieces, dice, cards and everything you need are included so there's nothing else you need to buy.

    The table itself is made from wood and the pool table for example has a beautiful green cloth, real pool cues, balls and everything you need to play pool.

    All the game accessories are included so there's nothing you need to buy to immediately be playing these twenty quality games.

    With so many games to choose from there'll certainly be something here for everyone in the family to enjoy.

    But you won't need lot's of space to play all the games as the games pack neatly away into the sturdy oak wood finish table.

    Games included on the games table are table football, pool, table tennis, skittles, ring toss, dominoes, chess, shuffleboard, backgammon, magnetic darts, knock hockey, horseshoe, playing cards, glide hockey, magnetic American Football, pickup sticks, marbles, chequers, poker dice and tic-tac-toe.