• Amelie Memo Wall Cupboard

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    Forever losing your keys, losing the post, losing the school letters and school dinner money then this is the perfect all cupboard for you.

    The wall cupboard features a large cork board where you can pin all those important school notices, birthday party invites, cub and brownie newsletters as well as gas and electricity bills.

    At the bottom of the cupboard is a drawer that children can pull down on themselves as there's a drawer stop preventing the drawer from falling out, store keys, lunch money, mobile phones and all those little bits and pieces that your forever losing around the home.

    Tidy up hallways and kitchens with this useful storage cupboard and notice board. The frame is elegantly bevelled and the cork board is nice and thick, the drawer won't fall out thanks to the drawer stop and the divided shelf inside makes it ideal for storing post.

    We're thinking important letters you mustn't lose, spare car keys, money for the window cleaner, school letters and much more.