• Aqua Dot Blackout Curtains

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    Does your child have trouble sleeping at night because it's too bright outside, maybe because the sun has not set yet and it truly is too bright outside or maybe you have a flashing traffic light outside your child's bedroom which keeps them awake or a street light or busy road with car headlights dazzling into the room then these beautiful curtains will help.

    As well as looking beautiful with their white spots on a blue background that can be used in both a boys or girls room these curtains have a special quality they are blackout curtains with their think lining preventing any light from reaching into their room when the curtains are drawn and helping your child to fall off to sleep quickly without disturbance.

    These pretty curtains have a helpful blackout lining to help avoid early mornings and late nights and a tab top design which makes them easy to put up. Made from 100% cotton and sold as a pair.