• Bed in a Bag

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    If your children are having a sleepover at a friends house or you are hosting a sleepover then of course you will need somewhere for all the children to sleep.

    These clever bed in a bag beds are easy to carry around to a friends house or store at home for when your child's friends sleepover, simply take the bed out of the bag, unfold the bed and your find five fibre filled pillows have been joined together to make a bed, it's so simple and beautifully designed in a range of colours from pink to red and spotted.

    Just what you need for a successful sleepover. This cushioned mattress is in fact a series of five, squidgy pillows that have been joined together and don't require any inflation.

    it's easy to put away in its zipped storage bag too. The mattress features a water resistant base and contains 5 polyester filled pillows.