• Blackboard Play Table

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    This play table has several different uses, there's a built in blackboard in the playable surface, the blackboard can be removed and turned over to reveal a white side that matches the play table for when you want to eat at the play table or read books or play games that don't involve the blackboard.

    When the blackboard panel is removed a storage tray underneath is revealed, here you can store chalks for the blackboard or any other children's toys safely inside the table, a great place to keep some books or toy cars too!

    This play table looks gorgeous but also has lots to tempt children to play!

    The two reversible panels in chalkboard and white lift off to reveal a large divided storage tray underneath, it's great for all sorts of bits and pieces that need to be kept safe and sorted. Sized to coordinate with our blue and red Avalon Children's Chairs.