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    If your children are of the age when they are starting to get homework then your need a desk in their bedroom where they can concentrate and get their homework done and with this beautiful Cambridge desk they have everything the need.

    There's twop chest drawers at the front for storing paper, pens, calculators and drawing equilment and the sturdy wooden legs means the table won't weobble no mattedr how many books they pile on the table.

    There's a shelf at the back of the desk and a guides to stop anything falling off the back of the desk if its pushed backwards, there's cable entry points into the desk if you want to put a laptop, computer or deck light on the desk.

    Hopefully this sturdy, practical desk will inspire your kids to great academic heights and they'll be all set for the journey with that useful shelf along the back and those two smooth-opening drawers.The Cambridge desk features openings for cables, back ledge so things don't fall off the desk and two drawers.