• Classic Metal Pedal Trike - Red

    Classic Metal Pedal Trike - Red buy now

    A classic children's red trike, this three wheeled bicycle has pedals on the front rubber wheels and a carry box behind the seat.

    The large red seat features a a handhold for parents to grab hold of the seat or give a push and there's a large brake leaver on the right hand side which your child can pull up on to stop.

    The handlebars are silver chrome in colour with rubber tyres and beautiful red paintwork, suitable for both boys and girls it's heard wearing and will give many happy days, suitable for the back garden, grass, concrete and use in the bark and will easily fit in the back of mummy or daddies car.

    This is the best pedal trike we've found! The snazzy red frame features a dinky 'cargo' tray at the back, there's a side hand brake and a push along pole for when your child gets tired. With metal frame, plastic pedals and hard wearing thermoplastic wheels. Also available in pink.