• Dotty Dolls House Bookcase

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    A little girls dream bookcase, a bookcase shaped like a dolls house with pink tiled roof, attic window, side windows and door all built into the bookcase.

    Threes three generous sized shelves which have been divided into two giving six shelving compartments in all to store all your books, dolls and keep sakes.

    With pink roof, white walls and light blue doors it's in your little girls favourite dolls house colours.

    A fabulous free-standing version of our 'Dotty Doll's House' Wall Shelf, perfect for the bedroom or playroom.

    With three generous shelves which are divided into six useful compartments making it much easier to store books and toys or display pictures (although some little princesses we know use it as a house for Teddy, so bang goes the tidier bedroom idea).

    Also matches our 'Dotty Doll's House' Toddler Bed so you can create the perfect dolls house look.