• Dotty Dolls House Wall Shelf

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    This girls wall shelf is great for storing books, toys, teddies, dolls and all your child's precious positions, the wall shelf is in the shape of a dolls house with pink dolls house roof with an antic window with blue frame and a front door and window to the sides.

    Your little girl will enjoy playing dolls houses with their real dolls house wall shelf which doesn't take up any room in your home as the dolls house is mounted on the wall and perfect if space is at a premium.

    We've refreshed our best selling Dolls House wall shelf with a touch of aqua and a new dotty design. Matching our popular 'Dotty Doll's House' Toddler Bed and 'Dotty Doll's House' Bookcase which are also available if your trying to create a dolls house look for your little girl.