• Fire Engine Toddler Bed

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    A red fire engine bed for your little boy with painted on fire engine wheels and lights and hazard strips as well as side panels which double as the fire engine cab and are designed to stop your little boy falling out of bed.

    The fire engine bed is low to the floor so your little firemen won't get frightened about a high bed especially if they have just moved up from a cot.

    Painted in fire engine red paint of course that's child safe and with bright painted lights and yellow warning signs this is the ideal little boys bed.

    Nee naw, nee naw! it's time for bed and a good night's sleep with this little boys fire engine bed.

    The bed features side rails so toddlers moving up from a cot won't feel like they are about to fall out and it's low to the ground to reassure your child.

    Your need a toddler mattress, either use your own or choose from the range of mattresses available.