• Height Adjustable Easel - Red

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    This wooden easel is red ion colour and makes it easy for your child to paint as the height of the easel is adjustable so you can always make sure that your child's head is level with the top of the easel.

    The wooden easel has four legs which makes for a very safe easel that won't tip over, an important point when paints are being used!

    The paint pots fit into paint pot holders on the tray below the paper and these hold the paints securely without wobbling or falling out.

    The paper can be wound round the rollers when a masterpiece has been completed or torn off if you want to give the artwork to mummy or daddy.

    We designed this ourselves so we think it's a bit of a masterpiece, this brilliant easel also comes in a Natural wood colour.

    Height adjustable and brilliantly solid and sturdy with two blackboard surfaces and a paper roll holder, two shelves one with specially designed paint pot holders for our non-spill paint pots and the easel folds down flat for easy storage.

    Also available are paints for children, wooden paint brushes and a large paper roll.