• High Visibility Driveway Barrier

    High Visibility Driveway Barrier buy now

    Keep your children safe from straying onto the road and from strangers passing by the house with this driveway barrier.

    Bright orange in colour the barrier provides a visual do not cross barrier as well as a physical barrier preventing access keeping your children on the driveway out of harms way and any strangers on the other side of the barrier.

    Easy to erect simply pull the driveway barrier out of the retractable tube to the desired length and secure the two poles into the ground, you can even cement the barrier in place if you want a permanent fixture, it's easy to open up the barrier too when not needed.

    The bright colour of this retractable barrier will alert children to no go areas as well as increasing the visibility of children to adults when they are playing outside.

    Situate the storage canister as required and extend the netting to the opposite pole supplied across driveways or perilous areas of the garden, it won't totally prevent access but the boundary line will be very clearly displayed.

    Available in two sizes: up to 5.5metres wide or up to 7.6metres wide.Not suitable for use as a safety gate for swimming pools.