• Navy Gingham Blackout Lined Curtains

    Navy Gingham Blackout Lined Curtains buy now

    If your child's bedroom or indeed any room in the house suffers from light pollution where the lights from outside can still be seen in yo9ur room at night, maybe from a zebra crossing, street light or shops then your have problems getting the children off to sleep at night.

    With these blackout curtains the bright lights are completely blocked by thickly lined curtains which keep out the light and a lot of the noise too whilst still looking like normal curtains with a navy blue/purple colour that's suitable for both a boy and a girls bedroom.

    Check out these gorgeous curtains, they're made from a traditionally smart fabric with the modern convenience of a blackout lining and a tab top design which makes them easy to put up. Made from 100% cotton and sold as a pair.