• Pink Gingham Blackout Curtains

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    Pink blackout curtains for your little girls room, these blackout curtains will keep the sunlight out of the room early in the morning and keep bright moonlight or street lights and car lights out of your child's bedroom at night so your child can get off to sleep at night and not be woken scared.

    These pink blackout curtains have a thick lining which stops light's getting through into your child's bedroom and also muffles a lot of the sound coming through a window which will be an added bonus.

    In beautiful pink whilst these curtains serve a special purpose they are still just perfect for a little girls room.

    Gorgeously pink curtains with a practical blackout lining to help avoid early mornings and late nights along with a helpful, tab top design which makes them easy to put up. Made from 100% cotton and sold as a pair, both lengths include hanging loops of 10cm diameter, you should position your curtain pole 10cm above the window area you wish to cover.