• Pippin Toy Farm

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    Let your children learn about the farm and play farmers with this beautifully designed classic children's toy.

    Made from wood and painted brightly there's a hen house with rooster on the roof of the barn about to sing cock-a-doodle-do, there's a fence around the farm and a duck pond too also an apple tree with apples on and a ladder leading up to the barn roof, there's a hen looking out of the hen house too.

    The roofs of all the buildings come off so the children can play inside and see what's inside, it's a classic farmyard toy that will provide hours of fun for your little farmers.

    A wooden painted toy farm offering years of play value for children, it sits on a solid base-board and has lots of interesting animals and buildings too just as you'd expect on a farm.

    There's a cow shed, stable, barn, ladder and movable fences. Pictured here with our Wooden Toy Animals and Wooden Toy Tractor which are also available.