• Play Shop and Theatre

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    A children's pretend play shop with curtains over the front of the shop and lots of shelf space to store the goods for your children to pretend to buy and sell if mummy or daddy works in a shop then this is the perfect pretend shop for your children or why not set-up a pretend greengrocers selling fruits and vegetables to mum and dad and the other children.

    There's chalk boards at the top of the shop and the bottom so you can write in coloured chalks about the special offers of the day and what the children are selling.

    As well as being a shop this play stall can also be used as a pretend theatre where your children can put a show on for mum and dad, pull back the curtains and the show starts with your children acting and using their teddies and dolls to put on a show.

    This fabulous play shop for kids will inspire hours of pretend play, but if and when your children tire of playing shops they can put on a show instead!

    There is a very handy drawer at the bottom for storage and it has castors so you can wheel it away at the end of the day.

    We have lots of ideas for things to sell too how about some toy food or maybe the children could set up a Pretend Post Office and when it's Show time have a look at our lovely Hand Puppets - they're perfectly sized for children's hands, all these items are also available or you can buy the play shop on it's own.