• Radio Flyer Wagon

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    A children's pull along cart but not some horrible plastic affair this pull cart is made from metal, the whole trolley is metal and there's a padded seat too for added comfort.

    Large rubber wheels make travelling over grass and concrete easy and the large handle at the front allows other children to pull the cart along with their friends inside, the front of the cart has full steering from the pull handle.

    Coloured red and made from metal this is a children's pull cart that will last for many years.

    Radio Flyer is a classic American pull along children's cart or toy wagon that all American children will be familiar with and now available in the UK.

    An American classic at a great price, a  full size extra-stable red wagon with moulded steel body (no sharp edges), comfy back support and integral seat belt.

    With durable rubber wheels and long-lasting steel handle for easy manoeuvrability, cleverly balanced for maximum safety, the Radio Flyer Wagon has also been featured in FQ Magazine.