• Reece Midsleeper Cabin Bed - Beech

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    A perfect solution for a small bedroom this children's cabin bed has a easy to climb big step ladder that leads up to the cabin bed, above the cabin bed and within easy reach when your child is in bed is a bookshelf for night-time reading, toys and teddies and on top of the bookshelf is a shelf for bigger toys.

    To the side of the bed is a shelf system with two shelves for storing toys, school folders and games and to the front of the bed bottom is a cupboard with two doors for storing clothes and also included is a school desk with integral drawer for keeping school books, pens and pencils.

    This heavenly looking bed is the answer to your space saving prayers with bedside bookshelves, cupboard, and further shelving and an integral pull-out desk on castors with deep ladder steps that are kinder to feet.

    The wooden beech coloured cabin bed also comes in a white and you can use your own single bed mattress or buy the recommend bunk bed mattress which is also available.

    You can assemble this cabin bed yourself or haver the delivery team assemble it for you when they deliver to your home, the choice is yours.