• Sailing Sand Pit - As featured by the Independent

    Sailing Sand Pit - As featured by the Independent buy now

    This beautful wooden boat is in fact a sandpit thats been made to look like a boat with a big blue canopy over the sand pit and seats around the sand pit this is the perfect pretend and play sand pit available.

    The wood used looks fabulous and it's pressure treated to last for years and can be left out in the garden all the year round, a cover is included so you can cover the sandpit when not in use to keep dogs and cats away.

    Ideal for both boys and girls this sand pit has so many uses for playing from playing in the sand to pretending your on a pirate ship or just gently sailing down the river.

    Set sail for fun and games in the garden in this lovely nautical sand pit which features a nice big canopy for shade along with a ship's wheel, a seat at the 'stern' and a storage compartment at the 'bow'.

    Included with the sailing sand pit is an underlay and tie on cover to protect against animals or garden debris. As featured by The Independent Newspaper and Voted in their Top Ten Outdoor Toys.