• Skip Hop Zoo Playmat

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    This children's play mat is both practical and fun, you can use the play mat to cover a floor area so a cold floor becomes warm and inviting to play on and the play mat itself is lots of fun as each square has interlocking tabs and can be joined to the other square in any way you like, create a square mat or put the tiles all in a straight line just for fun, you can join them together anyway you like.

    The drawings on the play mat are fun to with brightly coloured blues, reds, green and oranges and pictures of bees, monkeys, owls, dogs and coloured spots.

    The play mat is thick and comfortable to sit on and warm and the perfect way to create a play area in any room.

    These interlocking textured foam tiles form a large cushioned play surface for your child. It's also beautiful to look at and easy to keep clean. Designed and tested for children of all ages and easy to put together in a shape that suits you.