• Sprite Micro Scooter

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    A fantastic folding scooter that's made from aluminium and is incredibly light which is a good job too as it's often the parents who end up carrying all the play equipment when the children run off to play.

    The scooter has a folding design where the steering column folds down flat with the foot base and locks into place and the handles pull out on locking clips and secure into place on the steering column post.

    Easy to carry and easy to fit into any size car these scooters will happily sit in the foot well below your children's feet and don't take up any extra room in your car which if you have a small car and you want to go to the park you may well find is the only type of child's scooter or bike that will actually fit into a modern small car.

    Not only practical (the walk to school or nursery just got much quicker) but great fun too. This Sprite Scooter is suitable from 6yrs to adults. It's extremely light (2.7Kg) and easily folds down.