• Stacker Toy Box

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    With lot's of toys you need lots of storage like this stacker toy box, these large toy boxes are white in colour, strong and very smart looking and will stack one on top of each other so they take up less space in your child's bedroom, toy room, hall or lounge.

    There's a clever blackboard panel at the front of the toy box so your children can write their name on the box or what's inside the box with coloured chalks, make a little drawing on the toy box too or like these toy boxes write top secret to keep all your child's most precious toys inside.

    If toys are taking over your home you need a serious toy box like this one to sort things out, it's got a blackboard label on the front so that you know what is (or should be) inside and if you buy two you can stack one on top of the other to save floor space. With cut-out handles on each side to make carrying easier.