• Star Blackout Lined Curtains

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    If your child has problems sleeping because their room is too bright from bright sunlight in the morning waking them up to the sun still up when they go to bed or street lights, traffic lights, pedestrian crossings or all the other lights outside entering your child's bedroom then these thick lined blackout curtains will keep the light out and help your child get off to sleep at night.

    In the morning when the early morning light streams through your child's window these blackout curtains will keep the light out allowing your child to sleep until it's time to get up meaning parents won't be woken up early either.

    These fresh looking curtains have a blackout lining to stop daylight disturbing your child's sleep the lining gives the curtains a nice weighty feel and the tab top design makes them easy to put up. Made from 100% cotton and sold as a pair.