• Star Rug

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    A star design light blue rug with dark blue border featuring dark blue, gold and red stars of different sizes on a warm and cosy tufted carpet pile rug.

    If your child's room has a cold floor, wooden floor or tiles in the hall then use this floor rug to warm up the floor and give your child a play rug where they can sit and play without getting a cold bottom, feet and hands.

    If your child's room is cold in the morning this is the perfect rug to get dressed on as the warm rug will keep toes snug whilst your child gets dressed.

    With stars and red, blue and gold colours this floor rug is perfect for a boys or girls room.

    Here's a rug that's sure to have a starring role in your home, it looks great anywhere and is tufted to last and stay warm. These smaller size rugs are perfect for children's bedrooms and hallways where space is tight, larger sizes are available in other designs.