• Sundae Kitchen

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    A beautiful pretend kitchen for your little girl, with pink cupboard doors, lime green oven, sink and hob your child has everything they need to play in their very own pretend kitchen and cook just like mummy.

    The knobs and taps turn so your child really feels like they have their very own kitchen, there;'s a towel rail and plenty of storage space for all your children's food and play things.

    The cupboard doors, microwave door, oven and dishwasher al have doors that open and buttons that you can push and turn so this little pretend kitchen really feels like a real kitchen for your child.

    The dreamiest of toy kitchens in milkshake pink and sky blue. There lots to play with including fridge, freezer, oven, dishwasher, cupboard, microwave, hob, toy telephone, removable sink, cup hooks and towel rail. Also features turning knobs.