• The Goldilocks Beanbag

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    Colourful children's beanbags with a choice of stripes or flowers, the striped beanbag has red, blue, black, yellow and purple stripes whilst the flower beanbag has pink, blue and green flowers.

    Both beanbags have handles at the top for carrying your beanbag from room to room.

    With a beanbag your immediately comfortable as the beanbag shapes to your body, there perfect for children to sit on as they watch TV with the family and ideal for the bedroom as a bedroom chair especially in a small room where space might be tight as when not in use a beanbag can be stuffed into the corner of a room.

    Children need to relax at the end of a hard day just like we do and it's so much easier in the right size chair with reinforced seams for maximum durability and fire retardant.