• Triple Tier Corner Unit

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    Make use of the corners in your child's bedroom or playroom and get the maximum amount of storage from a small room with these wooden corner units.

    The corner unit has two shelves which are deep and can hold books or toys, the shelves are wooden just like the rest of the corner unit and the sturdy feet ensure the units won't move whether they are placed on carpet or a wooden floor.

    You can push the corner unit right into the corner of the room where your get useful storage space from an otherwise unused corner so you can have a bookcase or shelving in even the smallest of children's bedrooms.

    Ever struggled to find a proper piece of furniture to fit into those awkward corners of the playroom or bedroom. These beautiful corner units team up with our Modular Lazzari Storage range so you can use the excellent Cubes at the sides whilst the middle section is perfect for storing those oversized books and games you never seem to have a home for.