• White Memo Pinboard Desk & Hutch

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    A children's desk in white that features a hutch back with a cork board so you can pin school newsletters, cubs and brownie notices to the board to remind yourself of fourtthcoming activities.

    Above the cork board is a shelf which you can use to store your child's school books and folders and at the front of a desk is a drawer for storing pens, papers and other writing implements of school exercise books.

    The hutch back prevents papers and books from being pushed off the desk and onto the floor or getting lost behind furniture.

    This is a smart little desk with thoughtful design features like the truly inspired pinboard back and a brilliantly useful shelf, a spacious drawer and an equally clever opening to run cables through at the back. Team it up with a gorgeous Avalon chair, the desk and chair are also available in natural wood colours as well as white.